When people say that Tony Marr is “one to watch” they are not speaking of his well-crafted stories or his excellent stage presence—those things are a given. What they mean to say is that you shouldn’t miss a certain “impishness” in his voice and manner that communicates the joy of life!
— Storyteller Tim Lowry


From unbelievable adventures that will have you wondering how he is still alive, to the untold stories of American History and Scripture. Tony's performances will take you on an imaginative journey that you will never want to end.


Offering programs in literacy and creative writing to meet the needs of preschool thru college, in the classroom or assembly. Tony brings stories of history and culture to life in a way that will engage your students minds and hearts. 


Having served as a pastor for nearly two decades, Tony's narrative communication of scripture will give you a deeper understanding of God, His word, and your place in His story. Tony is available for both story performances and preaching.